Last weekend’s Haspengouw Rally 2015 saw the debut of a new refuelling operation in the Belgian Rally Championship. After a thorough selection process in 2014, the RACB selected GUTTS as the fuel supplier for the Belgian Rally Championship. After an intensive development process for the new refuel zone together with partners Hamer, for the development of the certified mobile refuel units, and Bas Koeten Racing, for the execution of the operation, all competitors enjoyed a smooth and safe refuelling operation.

In 2014 the RACB started its selection procedure for a fuel supplier, focussing on both safety, cost and service. GUTTS won this procedure and started the preparations for the supply of fuel to all competitors of the Belgian Rally Championship.

GUTTS ensures all competitors of the BRC an easy and safe purchase and event delivery of fuels for all nine events on the calendar. Working with the RACB and rally organisers, GUTTS creates a next level refuelling operation, with easy online fuel ordering, certified mobile refuelling stations and an expert crew. Edward Goossens of GUTTS: “we are very happy with the debut of the new refuelling system at the Haspengouw Rally, we refuelled a total of 20 cars in a smooth a safe method and worked very well with event organisers of the Haspengouw Rally and our partners Hamer and Bas Koeten Racing in the execution.”

The refuel zone is an innovation in itself, instead of the usual supply of fuel in steel drums, fuel delivery expert Hamer from the Netherlands designed and build a safe and innovative mobile solution for fuel delivery during events in the Belgian Rally Championship. This safe and certified system, consisting of a 3000L double bounded fuel IBC with greatly improved safety features and pump equipped with regular and Dry Break coupling ensures a very safe refuelling system with the highest possible levels of safety. Jan Bunskoeke of Hamer: “Together we developed a tanksolution which fills up the gap between all kinds of home made unsafe tanksolutions and the most professional way of mobile refueling. Offcourse we have to  respect all the safety procedures that are is needed for refuelling this kind of fuels. We are very proud of this partnership and a good kick off!”

Bas Koeten Racing, long standing GUTTS partner, is responsible for the execution of the actual refuelling during events, providing logistics of all materials needed for the refuel zone, safe operating procedures in the actual refuel zone, on the ground ‘engineering services” and most importantly a well-trained refuelling crew that will largely remain the same for the rest of the season. Thus ensuring a smooth refuelling and good ‘rapport’ with crews and engineers. Bas Koeten: “bringing safety to a higher level and diminishing the environmental impact or of utmost importance. We are glad that Bas Koeten Racing plays a role in this new project and we expect that this concept will grow over the years, not only in Belgium.”

GUTTS is both proud and honoured to be selected for the job and hereby extends gratitude to the RACB, Rally organisers and competitors and wishes everybody an exciting and safe 2015 season!

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