Founded by André Debroux in 1996, Racing Fuels Belgium is a dedicated supplier of racefuels in various motorsport disciplines. Racing Fuels Belgium is the exclusive reseller of all the top brands like ELF Racing Fuels, Hiperflo Racing Fuels and GUTTS Renewable Racefuels. A well known site in all forms of motorsport and proven quick delivery, high service and quality, Racing Fuels Belgium can fuel your race!

As a participant of the BRC you can choose between three kinds of fuel, which can be ordered for the remaining rallies through the BRC Refuel Service. Racing Fuels Belgium and GUTTS joined forces in 2015 for distribution of GUTTS products to the Belgian Market and from 2016 it was jointly decided to have Racing Fuels Belgium handle all customer transaction for the fuel ordering in the BRC. Since 2013 GUTTS has produced and sold over 250.000L of Renewable Race Fuel, worked with key industry partners in the OEM, Science and Renewable Fuel Industry, celebrated over 500 stage- or race wins and reduced approximately 300.000kg of CO2. As a fuel supplier, GUTTS provides excellent service to all of its clients in various race series. Our current contracts are with the Drive D-Mack Fiesta Trophy in the World Rally Championship, the Belgian Rally Championship, the Dutch Rally Championship and various clients across Europe.In short our mission is to supply robust, affordable renewable race fuels and thus provide both ASN’s and Championship Organizers with a ‘Plug & Play’ method to have an answer to the sustainability demands of this time, be part of motorsports in tomorrow’s world and enjoy great service at the same time.